Chopper transforms raw materials into ideal long fibred substrate

Smoothly to biogas – with the Fliegl Proficutter

Biogas cannot be generated with the same ease with every raw material. Long fibered or inhomogeneous substrates cannot be used in many plants. Manure, whole plant and grass silage are just such difficult substrates, dosing , fermentation and feeding can often be problematic. The Fliegl Proficutter puts and end to all this. There are no difficult substrates for it.

The Fliegl Proficutter is a powerful chopper, designed as an add-on for the Fliegl Biomat and supplements plastic container Fliegl PolyPro in complete systems. In contrast to horizontal screw mixers, the screw conveyors of the Fliegl Proficutter are arranged vertically. The cutter operates with very sharp knives. The cutting mechanism made from stainless steel is particularly durable and long-lasting. The Proficutter even cuts dry substrates such as whole plant and grass silage quickly and easily. In this way even difficult substrates can be made into ideal feedstocks for biogas feeding.

The cutting-up of the substrate brings two decisive advantages: Firstly, agitators and pumps, can convey the well minced-up material much more easily. Dosage and feeding functions smoothly and reliably. Wear and tear is extremely low. Secondly, well minced-up substrate it has a much larger surface area - which increases the fermentation and the gas output. Two good arguments for the Fliegl Proficutter, because where working efficiency increases, so does energy efficiency.