Fill and drive

Fliegl makes PolyPro mobile

Silo – feeder – silo – feeder – a route that energy farmers know only too well. They drive back over it daily, mostly with a loader. And they loose time and money on this route. Fliegl Dosiertechnik (metered application technology) now makes biogas logistics a whole lot more efficient - with the new self-propelled PolyPro 22.

The PolyPro 22 is a plastic container with a capacity of 22 cubic metres. It is equipped with the powerful Fliegl milling drum Fräsfix. As it rotates, it grinds the milled material and loosens it; both ensures the highest silage quality. Frasfix feeds the raw silage material into the PolyPro, leaving a clean cut edge.

The patented Fliegl push-off technology, also part of the PolyPro, unloads the container quickly and in a controlled manner, without leaving any residue. In a single operation it loads approximately 20 cubic meters silage in the feeder. To compare: A loader with a 4 cubic metre shovel must travel back and fourth five times for the same amount. With a volume of 100 cubic meters the PolyPro self drive will save 20 trips in all. If the distance between the silo and the feeder is 500 metres, the loader lies 25 kilometres behind, The Fliegl PolyPro just 5 – the savings: 20 kilometres per daily filling, 600 kilometres per month, 7200 kilometres per year!

Robust, strong, maintenance friendly: The mobile system is steered by a Hirl Titan SF, powered by a 175 HP six-cylinder engine, which, in conjunction with the automotive control is particularly economical. The longitudinally mounted front motor is accessible from all sides, it is also located outside the dust zone. The over dimensioned hydraulic lines and control units of the self-propelled vehicle, maintain good fuel consumption, high performance and low oil temperatures. The chassis is hydraulic at the front, with simple sprung suspension at the rear.

The rotating cab provides comfort with all-round visibility, it can be hydraulically raised up to one metre. The spacious work area comes with heating, ventilation systems, speakers, pre-installation of a radio, monitoring and engine management display as standard. Joystick and operating controls are ergonomic and optimally positioned.

A well thought through and practically maintenance free system becomes mobile: Extremely low wear, plastic containers, strong milling drum, proven Fliegl push-off technology. Fliegl's PolyPro 22 self-propelled for silo operations and large scale animal husbandry.